Saturday June 23 , 2018
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Welcome to 3D Design Inc.

At 3D Design, we don’t just envision your projects in 3D, we actually build and model them in 3D using one of the most technologically advanced software systems available.  This technology also allows you to see your project in 3D during the approvals, fabrication and erection stages by downloading our Struwalker software. 

Not only does the 3D in 3D Design Inc.  refer to Isometric modeling, but it refers to the services we offer as well, Detailing / Design / Drafting.  We employ Professional Structural Engineers should you require any Consulting Engineering.  Our main market is North America but our projects span the globe.  Completing jobs in Argentina, Nigeria, China, Thailand, Pakistan and Australia to name a few. 

In 2003, 3D Design Inc. was awarded the Supplier of the Year at the Steel Plus Network’s Annual Convention in Banff, Alberta.  We have not looked back since.

One innovation we have implemented is our customized user friendly, secured, client website.  Our website serves two main purposes.  It keeps an up to date drawing log that includes any information entering our office pertaining to your project as well as every drawing leaving our office pertaining to your project (with dates and revision numbers).  The other focus of the website is to allow you to view your drawings online as individual .pdf files and/or to download them as a zip file to your computer. 

I think you will see that our up-to-the-minute software and customized website coupled with our passion, dedication, experience (194 years combined detailing experience) and team work allows us to present the highest quality products time and time again.  We work with our clients to ensure that we have the latest project information, and our customized website allows you to see at a glance whether we have the latest drawings, addendums, RFI answers and information available for your project. 

If you have a project in need of detailing, large or small, we hope that you will present us with the opportunity to demonstrate our abilities.  In the meantime, please take some time to browse our website.  Read about 3D Design Inc. the company, learn about our modeling software, StruCad, see what our website can bring to you as a client and browse some of our previous jobs.


We're always looking to hire skilled, team orientated detailers, interested? Email your resume to


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